Trying to push thru Act 4.


So, I can currently take a few to 4/40 but can only do 1 for now. I was thinking Magik or Morningstar, because I could use a higher ranked mystic. But even at 3/30 Magik does well in questing. Luke Cage is pretty useful and 3/28, so almost there. Or should I go for IMIW or Iceman because they're duped?

I'm currently running: 5* 2/25 IMIW, 4* Domino 4/40, 4* Masacre 4/40, 5* Rhulk 2/25, and OG Thor 4/40 (or 4* Magik 3/30 if I need power control or mystic).

I'm currently chipping away at Act 4, currently somewhere in 4.3, I think I just finished. 4.3.2 the other day.

Is this a good team to keep to push thru Act 4?

I like the Domino/Masacre/Rhulk synergies. Should I be running someone else with them?

Any/all advice is much appreciated.


  • Hector_1475Hector_1475 Posts: 1,514 ★★★★
    Your first 5 champs, with Iceman, Hawkeye, Nebula & Green Goblin are more than enough to cover all the material of Act 4. You are right to count on the "flaming trinity" as they call it. I would build my team around that and most probably also add Iceman & Nebula for their immunities to form the ideal 5. There is no SP3 from defenders in Act 4, so power control champs like Hawkeye are less important, but useful of course. I also love Green Goblin and the devastating power of his SP2, so there is him as well. You're set to go.
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    Yea that team will get u through act 4 tho id switch out thor for either magik, luke cage or iceman. And u dont need to rank the 4* imiw any further as u have the 5*
  • _tokio__tokio_ Posts: 79
    I would usa Domino, rulk, masacre, lc and nebula. Nebula sp1 offers Power lock/drain. Shes almost Triple immun(shrugs off shock) and provides a heal if you get a hard hit.
  • DjinDjin Posts: 1,902 ★★★★★
    I completed act 4 with team of 4* at rank 3/30, Almost 4 months ago.
    My team was:
    Medusa Sig-14
    Luke cage
    As I already told, All 4* Rank 3/30.

    Act 4 is not much hard, it's just very long, but now the energy requirements have changed.
    You can easily do it with your Top Champs.
  • C4ptainC4ptain Posts: 63
    I would highly suggest bringing Iceman and learning him(if you don't know him already). He helped me complete a lot of act 5, especially in 5.4
  • RT9RT9 Posts: 93
    I recently completed and explored most of Act 4.

    Personally, IMIW doesn’t hit hard enough though hes great for those occasional Spider-Men.

    Domino would be great especially with Masacre most fights will be below 20s if you play mllmmlllm properly.(I uses Domino+Masacre for AQ)

    Other than that Luke Cage is great with mllll, get as many exhaustion as possible. Sometimes when i have a lot i like to do a heavy and wish for a crit(more of a fun thing)

    Iceman i dont hv personally but just reading his abilities he seems great with that initial coldsnap, also a counter to Spider-Men
  • ẞlооdẞlооd Posts: 1,960 ★★★★
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    I would use any of your top 4 champs + Iceman, LC, and Magik. Whatever you do best with/need. And don't waste anymore resources on your 4* IMIW. 5* is the future for you.

    Good roster though. Nice 5* pulls! Just practice on parry timing, baiting specials, and learning which of your champs work well against different enemies and nodes.
  • ShrimkinsShrimkins Posts: 1,479 ★★★★
    Domino, RH, massacre, iceman, and magik will cover anything you could run into in A4.
  • MrsGondola420MrsGondola420 Posts: 149
    Thanks everyone! Probably gonna rank Magik then Iceman, just because I think I have a bunch of ISO in the stash for her.

    And back to Act 4 for me. I haven't really had a problem getting thru if, the paths are just long AF and I'm splitting time between Act 4 and Arena grinds.

    This helps alot though :)
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