Veteran alliance looking for like-minded veterans who want to chill a little

We are Revenge of the Fallen (R0TF), we are a hybrid veteran alliance formed at the end of 2018 from a bunch of guys who were running top alliances but wanted to shift the focus from all out craziness to having some fun again in game with like minded people.

We have no donations, no minimums on events we just want to have fun.

We have worked our way up to tier 6/7 in war and currently run 1 war group but would like a few extra veteran players to look at pushing 2 groups of war and in to gold rewards.

We run map 3 AQ (soon to be MAP 4) but it isnt a requirement to join as we all have lives and families.

The majority of our members still just smash stuff anyway but its up to them if they want to. We currently have 14 members with an average rating of 470k (or thereabouts) with the majority of us 550k upwards.

If you are interested in having some fun and want a more relaxing time, please get in touch in game or via LINEapp

IGN: Gingerpad
LINE ID: gingerpad76
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