Corvus or Starky to r4

I have a Starky and Corvus both sitting at r3 and have enough resources to either take both up to r4, or one to r5 and leave the other at r3. Love both characters and am having a tough time deciding. I still need to clear variant ch2 and 3 as well as LOL (and would like to finish the new Capt marvel quest). My top champs are currently 6 * Domino, and 5* r4 Magik, Void, and Hyperion. Any suggestions on who to rank up and why? Thanks!


  • Anurag1606Anurag1606 Posts: 1,105 ★★★
    Stark is a well rounded champ. Him, if you are looking for LoL options. He can serve you well basically everywhere, LoL, wars, act 5, monthly EQs , aqs, variant everywhere. Corvus will not be LoL option but other than that pretty much everywhere. He's somewhat expensive option as he needs boosting a lot of time. Act 6 will probably have opponents with more and more health so he will have to be at r5 I guess from future point of view. Maybe R5 spark 1st, take Domino spark and team to clear up LoL. Get rankup materials and do corvus rank up. That's 1 way. Or take up corvus right now to R4 clear the cap Marvel chapter 2 which is basically made for corvus and get those nice rewards for exploring. Whatever suits you. Good luck and congrats on having some wonderful options. I have R5 spark and I love him. But no corvus here. Would love 1.
  • Neither, Rank up that 6 star domino
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