Which is the best Thor

Which is the best Thor 21 votes

Thor (og)
Josegee2321OpandemonioKnightNvrEndingMrBanksMidnite93MattyyYaoJaoLingFangMrsGondola420 8 votes
Thor (Jane foster)
Thor (Ragnarok)
TerraMagrailothosGrimmbearLeoGnarleyardoMy_SuperiorMarvel2289Markg25jimmyjohnsHolyDracInfineightZipioPowrotiPEKKACHU 13 votes


  • -sixate--sixate- Posts: 400 ★★★
    None of those.... The best Thor will always be OG Thor pre 12.0 update.
  • LeoGnarleyardoLeoGnarleyardo Posts: 294
    Thor (Ragnarok)
    Jane foster for some situations is an insane champ.. stagger debuffs off the heavy, shock and stun, land crits with every hit when the opponent is stunned.. with some patience and practice you can really go far with lady thor.
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