Who should I rank up first?

Trying to decide who I should rank up first. I was leaning more towards bringing my 5* quake to r4 since I’ve been using her a bit more often for the monthly eq. But there are also a few 4* I would like to rank5. I don’t participate in AW that much but I do AQ. And I’ll be pushing into 5.3 and more soon. Would love to get some of your feedback, thanks!

Who should I rank up first? 8 votes

5* Quake (duped) to r4
5* Ghost (unduped) to r4
ngray13Stark78Alfaaxelelf_1TawliKing_GarfSmashFhfjghhggggjfhfjg 7 votes
4* Mister Sinister (duped) to r5
4* Magik (duped) to r5
4* Corvus (unduped) to r5
4* Starky (duped) to r5
LeoGnarleyardo 1 vote
4* Emma Frost (duped) to r5


  • King_GarfKing_Garf Posts: 44
    5* Ghost (unduped) to r4
    From what I’ve read quake isn’t bad to rank up at all for your situation. But if you’re skilled with ghost you can do anything in this game. Not to mention she has great utility for a lot of matchups and it seems like she’s been great for all of the past eq’s. But if you feel more comfortable with quake than ghost go with quake cause she’s very useful in all aspects of the game as well.
  • TechonefortyTechoneforty Posts: 46
    I’ve been practicing a bit with my 4* r5 duped ghost but still not used to playing her. I do enjoy playing Ghost but def needs a lot more improvement. Thanks for your input!
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