New war start and end times aren't user friendly

I could have posted on the other main thread but I can see it's been closed. Shouldn't be as people have freedom of speech and I'll probably get another spam warning random AI pickup message.

I'm a vet player 4 years worth. Now I'm going to have to leave the alliance I'm finally settled in with and love the people there. This new system needs to be adjusted. Plain, simple, fact. The old system was a lot better for people globally. Now it's not. My alliance is a mix of Europe and USA players. Every single person has struggled. I can't play in an alliance now because life and work is more important, this was my chill down time with having a busy life a family and a disabled child. Now, if it remains like this, part of that chill time is gone. So thanks for that.

A lot of top alliances are not happy at all and there will be issues. People will not spend on a game which entails you having to rush doing war fights because of the pressure of not letting other players down.

Been fun but I personally can't play like this.

Yours sincerely

Turkey Tone aka the guy with highest viewed Tier 4 cat arena streak guide on YT. That's helped a lot of players over the years...........
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