Looking for a chill alliance

So I've been playing for a couple months now and the alliance I'm in sort of fizzled out and somehow I ended up as leader. I'd like to join a chill alliance that runs AQ and a couple AWs' but doesn't take it super serious or something. I'm pretty active, but not a serious grinder and I could get line or whatever if it's required. I live in California, but I got a pretty flexible schedule. Ingame name is Woody15 so feel free to shoot me a message or something if you want. Have a good day yall


  • new alliance part of a large group of alliances is looking for new members to fill it up. Looking for young members looking to improve and older members looking to slow down but still move forward. members must be active and communicate . Must use line app . Line Id is deviant_x. In game DEVIANT~SS.
  • Woody15Woody15 Posts: 536 ★★★
    Thanks for all the invites guys, but I found a new alliance. Have a good day yall
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