"A team exists for this PVP arena"

I'm getting this error a lot in game and it won't stop popping up until I re-start. I can't start my next streak. This is in the 5* featured arena.

It is making the arena grind miserable right now. I'm just trying to hit another milestone!

Anyone else see this error?


  • Restart the game
  • UmbertoDelRioUmbertoDelRio Posts: 2,162 ★★★★
    I actually encountered this bug/glitch/whatever earlier today! I restarted the game and after two attempts it let me fight as normal. But then something miraculous happened. After I finished and went to my next fight, my champs weren't timed out. I could use those three champs one more time, after that they went into cooldown as is expected.
    From trying to fight the first time to having them fight for a second round a maximum of 30 minutes passed.
    I'm okay with that actually.
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