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Thoughts on a few suggestions on how to improve the overall game.

Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,060 ★★★★★
Reading through the forums lately and there are a few items that seem to continuously rise to the top in terms of issues that need to be resolved.

  1. This latest iteration of crystal offerings is by far the lowest quality we've seen. Considering the changes made to refresh timers, players are expected to do more work for lower quality payouts.
  2. Matchmaking - If players use the random matchmaking feature, there needs to be safeguards in place so that we are not penalized for getting matched with another player that tanks the run. The refresh timers need to be reset to 0 if you are not able to complete room 2 of the recommended room attempted due to the actions of the partner.
  3. T4CC Shard farming - This is an unnecessary addition to the mechanic and apparently the reason the refresh timers were changed (to eliminate "exploiting" aka farming). Keep them in the milestones because it's a one-off item to be collected. Remove them from the room bonuses. Problem solved.
  4. Refresh timers - These new refresh timers in the current iteration are grossly unfair. They need to be returned to the previous version. As it sits now, if we use 5* champs then we essentially have one chance to complete the milestones. There is no option to come back the next day and try again. If we get a bad pairing or our friend has a bad run, see you again in 3 days or drop to a much lower dungeon than we're skilled for. I typically play Dungeons 6 or 7 but one or two bad pairings and I'm stuck grinding Dungeon 4 with 3* champs and it literally takes hours to get the 11k points for milestones.

    Solution for all of the above:
    Improve the quality of the champs available in the rewards crystals. Implement safeguards against "dungeon trolls". Eliminate the "exploitable" shards from room bonuses. Reduce the refresh timers.

These just need to go away. They are an unnecessary burden on the servers, the players hate requesting, granting them is a chore, and the benefits are negligible. Simple solution: add 1k Loyalty to the daily log-in if you're in an alliance with more than 10 people. Reduce the refresh timers by 10% and reduce the energy refill rate to 1 per 5min. Suddenly thousands of micro-transactions are gone from the servers.

No of Champions vs buffing old.
As pointed out in this thread, adding more unnecessary variants is just further diluting an already cluttered array of obscure and duplicate champions. Yes, new champions can be added but those should be genuinely new to the game (see the Character wishlist thread). We do not need a 4th Captain Marvel or a 5th Spiderman or yet another Ironman.

Instead, focus more on making the outdated champs more relevant. Add genuinely new characters to the game (there are literally hundreds to choose from). Build special event quests dedicated to the other Marvel happenings.

Alliance Wars
To say this latest change of Enrollment periods is a fiasco would be an understatement. The whole purpose of the change was to eliminate collusion at the highest of levels, but instead the change impacted everyone. A much simpler solution would be to scale back the change to only cover the affected parties (aka the top 100 alliances, maybe even fewer). Make the change so that anyone currently in the top 100 has to enroll. Leave the rest of the game (Platinum 3 and under) to continue playing how we did before by allowing us to set our own times.

lost health vs connection issues
With the plethora of ongoing server connection issues and emergency maintenance shutdowns, too many players are penalized for dropping fights that are not their fault. I understand the reason for the penalty was because some players were exploiting the system by quitting a fight once the hidden opponent was revealed and then they could re-start the fight with a better counter from their attack lineup. A better proposed solution would be simply "pause" the game when the connection is lost in a similar fashion to my Playstation pausing the game when the batteries in my controller die. The pause screen remains in place until the connection is restored and then the player can hit the Resume button to continue. If the game is paused and the player shuts off the app, then impose the penalty. Phones are currently setup to swap between apps without shutting them off, so even during extended shutdowns the player can simply move to something else without locking out their phone in the game.

The next few are relatively minor requests, but still relevant
  • Make the items in the overflow stash clickable so we know what they are. The arena boosts are all the same and make figuring out what needs to be sold a tedious task.
  • Allow players to sell items directly from the overflow. Why include the process of opening inventory, click stash to see what's expiring, back arrow to the inventory, sell item, return to overflow, claim. Easy answer: sell directly from overflow.

The quantity, quality, and timing of these are just plain annoying and they appear to be setup to exploit the busy or inexperienced players.
  • The layout needs to be different for these. The "buy" button is at the same location as all of the other action buttons and leads to a ton of mis-clicks. Stop exploiting players who don't have the time or know that they can request refunds for these mis-clicks. Opens up the customer service center to help genuine problems by not wasting their time with more refund requests.
  • Eliminate the "are you sure" cancellation secondary popup. We already said no and we do still have the ability to access the offer from the main screen should we choose to revisit the option to buy.
  • The quality of these offers are abysmal. Please stop treating us like idiots. We know what are good values and will spend our units accordingly. If you want us to spend resources (namely units), make it worth our while. I will gladly spend units on things that are worth it.

TL/DR: Fix the game. The players are getting sick of it.


  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 11,732 ★★★★★
    "TL/DR: Make a new game." Is more along the lines of what you are suggesting.
  • TheVyrusTheVyrus Posts: 391 ★★
    I don't necessarily agree with the dungeon and AW suggestions, but I agree with everything that follows. I also appreciate that you took the time to articulate legitimate resolutions.

    I hope that your requests do not go unrecognized since you put the time and thought into it.
  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 2,564 ★★★★★
    Yep pretty much the hotlist of forum suggestions. If any of these things don't get changed, then this forum lost its purpose.

    One disagreement: just stop the dungeons. It was a failure from the start and makes the game ever more laggy.
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