does Rulk need to be duped to be useful?

i was thinking about bringnig him into Act 5.2.4 with Domino synergy. Does he need his dupe to deal out raw damage??


  • scxoxoscxoxo Posts: 96
    it’s helpful, but not necessary. it gives you 2 heat charges at the start of the fight and a bit more regen (i think?), but you can get heat charges pretty quickly anyway. the dupe just lets you get a bit more damage at the beginning, and unless you’re desperate for health you probably won’t use the sp2 for regen much since you’ll be spamming sp1 for heat charges. i used him right up to uncollected, only duped him just before 5.2.6 (and i didn’t find much noticeable difference anyway) so no, he doesn’t need to be duped. he’s good for 5.2.4 masochism as well since he doesn’t place debuffs.
  • AnkalagonnAnkalagonn Posts: 406
    Nope. If I hadnt had dupe my magik today, he would had been my 3rd 4/55. He melts down mystics in no time. He is my one to go with for AQ specially for no defuffs lanes (map 5)
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