Luke Cage or Quake?

Just wondering who you all think is more worth rank 5 as a 4*

Luke Cage or Quake? 32 votes

Luke Cage (duped lv. 99)
winterthurJOHNOSA1995TheManMythLegendHotCarlosSIlverProfessorBen345qSoulreaverasKayne34JohnLocke117ScholiaSandeepSLogan00Bruinsfan8510TechonefortyColonaut123FhfjghhggggjfhfjgTheSquish671pfm007gforcefanLostReplica23 24 votes
Quake (un duped)
Timone147SlappapowCarlos2504AleorThe_Boss9RockypantherxZuroLion101 8 votes


  • Luke Cage (duped lv. 99)
    Both are great. LC is easier to play with. Once you learn Quake she's a beast but she has a learning curve.
  • Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 2,712 ★★★★★
    Luke Cage (duped lv. 99)
    LC has so much more utility with no special fighting technique.
  • I have a Quake 5* rank 4 and she is awsome. You have to learn how to use it but you can do it with youtube. I think she is too much better than Luke Cage.
  • winterthurwinterthur Posts: 5,942 ★★★★★
    Luke Cage (duped lv. 99)
    Quake is incredible once you learn how to play the champ.

    Luke Cage will easily help you progress and clear content but Quake maybe the go to for tricky fights.
  • RichS816RichS816 Posts: 44
    Luke Cage (duped lv. 99)
    Agree with Cage, especially with a 99 wig. He’s a tank and his indestructible has saved me from specials I couldn’t bait more than a few times
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