Unfair Unit Deals

So recently, Prof Hoff has made a video showing a summoner who quit the game for a while coming back being offered a GENERIC 5* Awakening Gem and 60 GENERIC signature stones for UNDER £48.99 (84.69 CAD). This offer is by far one of the greatest we've seen in terms of value but yet it's only for people who don't play for who knows how long?

I understand you want to entice players back into the game and to encourage they spend, but people like myself and others that play this game everyday for multiple hours a day. The ones who run map 7/6, do Tier 1/2 wars, do all your challenges etc, we get the short end of the stick? Without the endgame level summoners this game would not exist. Would be nice for Kabam to take care of the people who heavily support their game..


  • MrsGondola420MrsGondola420 Posts: 149
    You also have to consider how much you're loosing out by not playing for a few months. Monthly calendars, monthly EQ, solo/alliance events, little side quests like this month's Deadpool and Captain Marvel event.

    You get alot more by playing daily and being part of an active alliance.
  • JRock808JRock808 Posts: 1,149 ★★★★
    There's very little you can gain in a few days of playing that would equal the immediate usefulness of a 5* generic AG. But with no communication or transparency, we will never know.

    It's really just a slap in the face of the loyal players who suffer through pop ups of awful deals day after day.
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    We recently addressed this in another thread commented on by Miike. You can read it here. We'll be closing this thread as it has already been addressed.
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