Just pulled this guy and I hear he's good. Any usage tips?

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Like the title says, just did my first completion of act 5 and popped the basic crystal and got him. Never got a 4* version of him so idk how to use him.

The only useful thing I know so far is that his heavy can drain some power.

Any tips and tricks are appreciated!


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    @Maldroit2 wow!!! Is that true about sparky sp3? I have a maxed 4* but never noticed that...thanks man...
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    Maldroit2 wrote: »
    Stark spidey is the best champ in the game. Rather than parry then 5 combo, you need to dodge enemy attacks to gain poise charges, which raise his attack. After 5 or 6 poise charges, then you start attacking. If you have problems with evade champs, use the sp3 which stops evade. If you got a robot, spam the sp2. Another of spideys tricks is special baiting. Your poise charges will dwindle, but they turn into taunts, which can force opponents to use special attacks. Plus you have a 70% chance to auto evade specials. And he has an emergency power drain. And most of all, he's still powerful when unawakened. But when awakened, he does more damage, and become an annoying defender with random evades. Overall, rank him up as soon as you can. He is exceptionally amazing.

    Why wouldn't you get 10 poise charges before attacking? Why stop at 5 or 6?
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    Why wouldn't you get 10 poise charges before attacking? Why stop at 5 or 6?

    That's just what I do. 5 or 6 poise charges is enough to clear through aw.
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    Watch Seatin and Lagacy. they have a lot of Starky videos.
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    PeterQuill wrote: »
    I got a 5 star sparky a few weeks ago and took him to rank 4 right away. I agree he is amazing and one of the top champs, but does anyone else hate the ramp up of poise charges? Even with the blade synergy its just a nuisance to do. Still use him everywhere, but with a chip on my shoulder

    I pulled him from the Gwenpool event. Took him to r4 and eventually r5 unduped. I was midway through 5.3 exploration, and he helped a ton.

    I agree on the poise ramp-up. It an get to be really tedious and takes some of the fun out of using him. I've also had a harder time mastering intercepts with him compared to other champs. Just a really quirky playstyle.
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    Sparky is def 1 of the top champs in my opinion .And 2 have a dupped 1 is awesome. I have a 5star but not dupped and us him 24/7. Learn how 2 use him and you will see why he’s top tier
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