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Adrenaline is triggering buffet

In act 5.2.3 im noticing that my 6* sentinel’s adrenaline seems to be triggering the buffet health gain for ai. Is this legit? Adrenaline is not a buff so it shouldn’t effect buffer.


  • Mirage_TurtleMirage_Turtle Posts: 1,868 ★★★★
    Who were you fighting? What were the nodes? Do you have a video?
  • LrrrrLrrrr Posts: 234 ★★
    It happened against nc on act 5.2.3. It was buffet, role reversal, and the champ boost global nodes. I couldn’t recreate it against Drax so the vid i have doesn’t show. I notice while i was attcking nc’r was regening but since sentinel doesn’t proc buffs during attack the only thing i saw was that his adrenaline was working.
  • OrdalcaOrdalca Posts: 544 ★★★
    You likely already considered this, but might it have been Dexterity's activation triggering buffet? There are 2 points that the buffet node can eat the Dexterity's Precision buff: when you dodge (creating an infinite duration passive) and when you hit the opponent (removes the permanent one and creates a 0.7s one)
  • LrrrrLrrrr Posts: 234 ★★
    I don’t think that was it because the regens were back to back at one point, the regen from a dexterity then it was another regen during the next combo, so nothing procced. I’ll trt to recreate it and post as soon as i can
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