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The OTH3R's, Map 5 80M+, Gold 2 looking for 2 to join the party


The OTH3R's are currently recruiting up to 2 Active and skilled members to replace members who are looking to move on.

We prefer you to be Uncollected & around 250K PI so that you can handle the nodes we come across in AQ & AW.

We can make an exception if you are able to show growth and willingness to get better. Above all, we value loyalty and participation.

We are a 11.8M stable, helpful and active AW & AQ focus but chill alliance.

We have players from all around the world so are always active.

Many of us have completed/explored Act 5 and looking to complete the other in game challenges like LOL, Variant etc.

We run Map 554x5 in AQ and consistently go over 80M.

We are consistently Gold 2 (Tier 6-9) and are looking to get the right mix of players to make the push for Gold 1 this season (1K 6 star shards for season rewards if we get there).

With the lower map costs, we have low donations - 60K Gold, 5K BC, and 5 K Loyalty.

No event minimums although we still get the rewards for SA and other events.

Line is Mandatory for communication.

HMU in-game or line - Trickiter



  • Sorry bro I’m a noob
  • TrickiterTrickiter Posts: 61
    We are still looking for 2.

    Season is off to a great start, come and join us folks:

    11.8M Ally.
    Map 554x5 in AQ (80M+).
    Gold 2 (Tier 6-9)
    Low donations - 60K Gold, 5K BC, and 5K Loyalty.
    No event minimums.
  • Hi I’d be interested in joint your alliance if there’s any spots open.
  • *Joining
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