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Who will be my first 5/65?

EvisceratorEviscerator Posts: 350 ★★
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I have enough resources for my first 5/65! I just want the community's input as to who I should rank. I 100%ed act 5.1 and 5.4 and the other chapters shouldn't be too hard, so I'm focusing on preparing for act 6 and variant. I'm going to ignore LOL for now. Also, I have a skill AG. Let me know if you have any questions.

Embarrasingly, I accidentally posted before filling all my options in the poll. Just mention who you vote for in the comments.

Who will be my first 5/65? 15 votes

СанекКрымRUSHarnitMegaGalacticAvengers320ClatoniusArham1Eviscerator 7 votes
TerraBlackGekkougaSceptilemaniacaxelelf_1Maldroit2FhfjghhggggjfhfjgChuck_Norris_16Ultimatesaber32 8 votes


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