"Problems connecting to network"

Ive been having Massive connection issues with the game lately.
Every AW, AQ, and EQ it seems i have a "problems connecting" pop up mid fight and then it sits at the end screen and never gives a victory -- or before the fight you press fight and the fight never loads.
Resulting in a crash then half health.

It happens weather im on wifi or the phones network

This is verging unacceptable, its not a thing here or there -- its a chronic problem.

Can we get a local system that saves weather youve won the fight or not to negate the half health thing when in AQ and AW?
This is highly frustrating and makes it boardering impossible to play at times.


  • Hey there, sorry to hear that you may be experiencing connections issues. We're currently gathering information on similar reports for iOS and here. If possible, would you be able to share the information requested in the thread relevant to your device? Thanks!
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