Greater Solo Crystal

OKAYGangOKAYGang Posts: 440 ★★★
How exactly is it greater? For the most part I get the same garbage experience and 3* arena boosts out of these that I do from the lesser solo crystals. Please remove the stuff we don't need from the greater solo crystals so that they are truly greater. No problems with having 4* sig stones and t1 alphas in them, we can always use those, but the 3* stones and gems, 3* arena boosts and especially the experience boosts gots to go!


  • Dave_the_destroyerDave_the_destroyer Posts: 981 ★★
    Its greater than nothing?

    XP boosts are great as well
  • OKAYGangOKAYGang Posts: 440 ★★★
    edited July 2017
    Its greater than nothing?

    XP boosts are great as well

    If you like experience boosts you can still get those from the lesser solo crystals. It would be nice for those of us at level 60 to be able to get something we can actually use though from any crystal with the word "greater" in the title. I am not asking for much here am I?
  • ThawnimThawnim Posts: 1,461 ★★★★
    I hate getting them tbh. They can easily be gotten from so many other things too.
  • DHCVoLtDHCVoLt Posts: 266
    Most of the time I get 4 star arena boosts and 4 star sig stones. That's not great?
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