Silver 1/Gold 3 Christian Alliance Looking for 1 Active Member

Hey guys, I'm Hyperbölic. I am an officer for the All 4 Christ Alliance. We are currently looking to replace 1 member who has not been active. We have no minimums or donation requirements and are looking for 200k+ summoners. We also require the usage of the GroupMe app. As most of our "requirements" are a not firm, we encourage all Christians looking for a place to grow both as a summoner, but also as a brother or sister in Christ, to leave a comment and get in contact with us! You can add me (Hyperbölic), Dreadlockmatt, BrickJay, CrossFreak, Doulos77, Rozar03, Bhouse00, or Tossick in game! Hope to hear from you soon!

Hyperbölic and the S4VED Leadership Team
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