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Masterys explained

I was wondering why I don’t see the champions attack go up when running assasin and courage,, the two together should be a 60 percent increase below 20 percent health,, well the champ still crits at the same level as the start of the fight,, doesn’t make sense to me ..


  • JChanceH9JChanceH9 Posts: 776 ★★★
    I was a skeptic for a while, but a very kind individual explained that suicides, boosts, recoil, etc raise your base attack, and this doesn’t necessarily translate as that percent increase in damage. Take full suicides for example...

    If you’re running Stark, his poise charges raise attack by 200%, then suicides raise it an additional 60%. So the damage you see is

    100 (base attack) + 200 (poise charges) + 60 (suicides) = 360 total attack

    I used 100 base attack just because it’s easy to show the numbers. But as you can see, having 60% base attack increase only shows up in game as 20% more damage.

    In the case of a champion that doesn’t have a mechanic that raises attack, you should see a 60% damage increase from suicides.

    Hopefully I was able to articulate that clearly enough. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • shortskatrshortskatr Posts: 25
    I understand now that it doesn’t translate into a percentage,, I do run ghost steady and suicides,, I definitely notice the suicide boost,, she goes from 4 k to a 11 k crit but that’s shrugging off the poison and bleed at the start of the fight,, think it pretty much doubles,, hits about 8 k withought buffs,, people say that ghost is way overpowered but you take away the recoil and suicides she doesn’t hit much harder then ur average max 5 star,, I am running a 6 star rank 2 ,, I appreciate the help man 👊
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