Where to spend my glory on.

DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 158
Hello everyone.
Since the updated glory store I have been wondering about what to spend my glory on.
My initial thought was to spend it on t2a. But now I`m debating if that is the right choice for me.
Some background:
I am an intermediate player at best.
I currently have 14 characters that are max 4 stars or rank 3 5 stars, and I have 3 rank 4 5 stars. (venom, ghost, rulk)
I usually run the montly event quest uncollected ones, and complete master 100%. Uncollected takes some units to complete.
I am in an alliance that runs 544 5 days a week.
I usually get around 3100 glory, and buy some potions from that.
It leaves me with enough glory to buy 5 pieces of t2a frags.

But I was wondering. Is that the wisest investment for me. Will my game, in general, have more use for more variety in max4, and rank 3 5* champs. and thus buying glory crystals. Or would u suggest to work towards more rank 4 5* champs.
I could put my roster up here if needed.

Thanks for your replies.


  • DonnymeijDonnymeij Posts: 158
    Also, I have a lot of nice (demi)God tier 4 star champs. And not many great 5 stars yet. I get about 1 5 star per month, with special events maybe 2.
    Only have blade in reserve to r4. (unduped)
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