Doc Ock Heal Block?

Can unduped doc ock cause heal block? and if so, how?


  • V1PER1987V1PER1987 Posts: 3,474 ★★★★★
    Yes. Just do 3 parries I think and you will trigger heal block. You have to make the category associated with the heal block hit 100 and you get there with blocks and parries.
  • ThemadpotatoThemadpotato Posts: 22
    Yes, he can. You need to parry around 3-4 times(I don't remember how many times to be exact), and the heal block will apply. You can then use the sp3 to extend the heal block. His duped ability just allows his to get the debuffs quicker (one parry for the heal block when awakened)
  • Jridenhour_3Jridenhour_3 Posts: 149
    You dont necessarily have to parry. Just getting hit while blocking will build category up to heal block. But it is 3 parrys will get u there. But for unstunnable can just take blocked hits
  • Yep, as others have mentioned, blocking hits builds up his Chemistry Research Category, which applies a Heal Block if it hits 100 before the other Research Categories, though well-timed blocks build this category faster. The other two categories can build pretty quickly, so if you know you need Heal Block, you may need to stop attacking in order to get the Chemistry Research built up first. And if you can time out your SP3 while you have the Heal Block up and other Research Categories at 100, you can have that Heal Block up for a very long time.
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