AQ focused ally seeking 10 person merger

Aq focused ally currently getting 80+ million is looking to for 8-10 guys to merge with us.
We currently have some really inactive guys holding us back. We’re looking for someone who’s is capable of doing 5x5. We don’t eat much but have a full bg that would be willing to run it constantly.
If interested then please reach out via either Line or ClanHQ at Jestr54


  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 344
    We don’t do much war*
    Damn autocorrect. Not we don’t eat much. We eat a lot quite frankly
  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 344
    Still looking
  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 344
    Still looking to replace the full bg.
    Looking for a solid group that can run 5x5 or 55554.
  • Cra88aCra88a Posts: 8
    We’re looking for 11. 5x5 ideal and gold 1. Should we talk?
  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 344
    Hey man, actually in the same place you are. Looking for about 10 guys. Got 20 great guys w me just have a small group that doesn’t share the same mentality.
  • Cra88aCra88a Posts: 8
    We just lost 10 rapidly for a range of reasons. Slowly filling spots, but if we ever drop to 15 I’ll have another chat. We’ve probably got 5 deadwood members.
  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 344
    Sounds perfect man. My Line ID is the same as here Jestr54
  • AdiMukh555AdiMukh555 Posts: 756 ★★★
    Do I qualify?
    IGN- Un¡versalGam¡ng 😝
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