Problems navigating AQ with new clickable nametags

Dexman1349Dexman1349 Posts: 3,031 ★★★★★
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The new clickable name tags in AQ can block the next node and prevent you from being able to advance. Specific example is going from Node 5 to Node 9 in Map 5 (outer left path in section 1). The name tag overlaps the node and only brings up my profile instead of letting me advance. I foresee this being an issue where any path requires you to go straight up after a fight.

The only current work-around is to click a linked node elsewhere on the map to "minimize" everything and opens up the node to be clicked again.


  • Kobi_Bhediya1Kobi_Bhediya1 Posts: 12
    Yeah, you need to zoom in to click the node.
    At first I was annoyed with this.
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