[Android] 22.0 Lag, Crashing and Performance Investigation

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Hi Summoners!

Our team is working to identify and address performance issues in The Contest and we need your help as we gather relevant information.

As part of this process, it is important for you to understand that lag and game performance are affected by a host of factors including: device, operating system, connection and even Champions or maps. Complicated issues such as these involve an equally complicated investigation process, due to all of these variables. Your contributions to this thread will help in that investigation. This, however, does not mean that there is one single “fix” coming that will address all concerns for all players. It is an ongoing process of improvements that the team is continually working toward as the game progresses.

If you are experiencing crashing, lag, unresponsive controls or performance problems in the Android version of The Contest, please reply using the template below.

This thread is for Android users only.

In-Game Name: Please include your in-game (not forum) name.
Device and Model: (Example, Galaxy S6)
Device Operating System: (Example 8.0) You can find the operating system version on Android by going to Apps, then Settings and “About Device.”
Cellular or WiFi: Does this issue happen when you are using cellular data, WiFi or both? If on cellular, what is your mobile carrier?
Game Version Installed: To check which version of the game you have installed, go to the Google Play Store and confirm that you have the latest version installed which will show you the number. This thread is only for those on the 22.0 version of the game.
Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest or Alliance War.
Description of the Issue: Please include a full and complete description of the lag and performance issue you are experiencing with as much relevant detail as possible. This includes any specific Champions affected and how long you’ve been experiencing the issue.

Replies to this thread must use the template below and provide relevant, constructive information about the issue. This thread is for information gathering and not one-on-one support. Off topic posts, requests for status updates and general complaints will be removed according to the forum rules.


  • G0311G0311 Posts: 910 ★★★
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    Im using the latest updated Samsung 8 plus. characters on block when I wanted to block they won't punch when I want them to punch it's impossible to finish the new quest like this others of my lands with different phones are also having some of this kind of difficulty.
    we had this before in the beginning of the last update but later it was fixed it seems that this new update brought back this old bug.
  • CaramesCarames Posts: 284 ★★
    edited March 2019
    Samsung Galaxy Tab E
    Android 7
    Current version of game (22).

    New update, same crappy gameplay. See user comments from the last couple of months for more specifics.
  • fabsgrassifabsgrassi Posts: 45
    edited March 2019
    In-Game Name: fabs(registered trademark)
    Device and Model: asus zenfone 5
    Device Operating System: 7.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: wifi
    Game Version Installed: 22.0
    Game Mode: Arena, event quests, AQ
    Description of the Issue: the game crashes in arena after every single round. I AM SERIOUS: EVERY SINGLE ROUND on the match screen. The game crashes on questing after 2 or 3 fights, sometimes crashes during a move in the lane.
    The game has serious graphics bugs like this:

    Seriously, its been MONTHS. Months and it doesnt get any better.
    The problems of connection and loading screens seem to be gone, but this crashes are around since end of 2018.
  • Kobi_Bhediya1Kobi_Bhediya1 Posts: 36
    In-Game Name: Kobi-Bhediya
    Device and Model: Moto G5+
    Device Operating System: Android 7.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 21.3
    Game Mode: - Everywhere
    Description of the Issue: My game crashes after every 3-5 minutes. It happens in whole format of this game.
    I am also having lagging issue in AW .

    I have tried re-installing the game, and shutting my phone down. Everything is up to date. Nothing seems to work. Please help

    I already posted in last thread which claimed this issue is fixed. But nothing has changed after update.

    Don't make a fool..
  • AdolfoUIAdolfoUI Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: AdolfoUI
    Device and Model: Moto e5 plus
    Device Operating System: Android 8.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 22.0
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? Mainly in allince quest, alliance war and dungeons. Also happens when entering the crystal section.
    Description of the Issue: Loading times generally takes around a minute for every game mode, but with the mentioned modes it can take several minutes. In dungeons it has been up to 5 minutes in the last months (I stopped playing dungeons a month ago due to this). In the last three months when I enter the crystal section I have to wait two or three minutes for every image and the timer to load. About freezes, it has been happening in the last weeks, when I am figthing, the games freezes for about a second.

    Thanks for working on solving these issues.
  • WhoKnowsITWhoKnowsIT Posts: 87
    In-Game Name: WhoKnowsIT
    Device and Model: SAmsung Galaxy s8+
    Device Operating System: Android 9.0
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 22.0
    Game Mode: In which game mode did the error occur? but my issues started after the latest android update of samsung s8+.. looking through your roster whileselecting champs for arena are insanly laggy..
    Loading screens are taking sooo much time... It's no fun playing anymore it's like im playing on a galaxy s3 it's insane..
  • AvdoAvdo Posts: 18
    Ingame: avdo1505
    Galaxy S5
    System 6.0.1
    Game version 22.0
    Happens on wifi and on cellular..
    Loading screens take forever to load.. worst in alliance quests and wars..
    Takes forever to open a crystal..
  • Unitas187Unitas187 Posts: 7
    Ingame unitas187
    Galaxy s6 active
    Version installed 22.0
    On WiFi and 4glte
    Takes forever to load! Everthing is so slow, it lieterally took me almost 1 and a half hours to complete the monthly event once through. Only about 10 to 15 minuets was actual gameplay. Never took me this long before. At this rate i will never get through all the content this month.
  • VladthVladth Posts: 6
    Loading screen take forever to load. It does not matter on what device I playing. With new update the situation further aggravated.
    Improve the connection to the servers and do not bother us with messages like this at the beginning of this thread!
  • 1tß_Vërüñë1tß_Vërüñë Posts: 3
    edited March 2019
    In game name Itß Verune
    Blu studio c5+5
    Version installed 22.0
    Operating system 5.0
    When I launch the game from my home screen it does not load and I have to uninstall and reinstall it for it to work and when it starts back to work it takes very long to load into the crystals,events and etc and I cant even fight because when I go in the event quest and I tap on the quest to fight it sticks on the loading screen and I have to restart the game for it to work.
  • fabsgrassifabsgrassi Posts: 45
    In-Game Name: fabs(registered trademark)
    Device and Model: asus zenfone 5
    Device Operating System: 7.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: wifi
    Game Version Installed: 22.0
    Game Mode: Arena, event quests, AQ
    Description of the Issue: the game crashes in arena after every single round. It is always like this:

    And i clean the cache all the time, seriously. I could be grinding for any arena, but i just gave up. The state of the game for so many android users is a lame. Please guys, im not the only one having these crashes issues, put some effort on this, you know its happening. My device has one of the best snapdragons in the market, its a good device. I love to play the game, but the game wanys me to give up
  • DiggerDigger Posts: 6
    Galaxy S9+ Android 9.0
    Version 22.0
    Cellular and Wifi

    I will start in AW and pickup my Team....i become this allert

    and wenn i used the ok button....the Game crash
  • In-Game Name: drop&destroy

    Device and Model: Nexus 6

    Device Operating System: 7.1.1

    Cellular or WiFi: both Cellular and WiFi - Cellular Carrier Sprint. WiFi connectged to Comcast Cable

    Game Version Installed: 22.0.0

    Game Mode: Happens in Story Quests, Event Quests, Arena, Alliance Quest and Alliance War. Even on regualar menu screens ie.e Alliance, Crystals, Champions Inventory and Store. Happens during log in sometimes.

    Description of the Issue: The game graphics begin to glitch and stop and start. Game does not respond to input and then freezes. Sometimes I have to close the game, other times it will just stop and close on it's own. I notice it's worst in the morning and mid evening, middle of the day or really late at night it's bad but not as bad. Does not matter the character being used at the time or what I am doing. Sometimes it seems like the servers are not able to handle the traffic as I'm sure morning and mid evening are peak times.
  • fabsgrassifabsgrassi Posts: 45
    In-Game Name: fabs(registered trademark)
    Device and Model: asus zenfone 5
    Device Operating System: 7.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: wifi
    Game Version Installed: 22.0
    Game Mode: Arena, event quests, AQ
    Description of the Issue: the game crashes in arena after every single round. It is always like this:

    And i clean the cache all the time, my device has no apps but MCOC, i use it only to play. I gave up grinding for capitan marvel because its impossible to play it properly. Please, PLEEEEEASE, fix it in the next maintanance. Its worse than never. As I said before, ive been trought this since December, but it was never so bad like this seriously.
  • ClydaniaClydania Posts: 441 ★★
    In-Game Name: Clydania
    Device and Model: Galaxy S5
    Device Operating System: 6.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: Both
    Game Version Installed: 22.0
    Game Mode: Story and event
    Description of the Issue: My 4* doctor voodoo has a glitch that only applies to I'm where he will become completely unresponsive in the middle of a fight until he receives a hit. This is so bad that sometimes the enemy doesn't attack for about 6 seconds but I still can't dash back or attack. This has been going on for 6 months now and it's very hard to get footage because it needs to show my hands and it happens randomly
  • lagulamalagulama Posts: 38
    If I flash a lineage OS or google experience on my android, will I be banned? for rooting?
  • GkalphaGkalpha Posts: 1
    My game name is gkalpha. I was in the middle of completing the new Captain. Marvel mission ,on normal, when the game stalled. I can see Ms. Marvel, the boss, on the path. But when I tap on her icon, to fight her, the game won't let me. Is anyone else having this problem?
  • Danklacrank1Danklacrank1 Posts: 43
    I use my google account donnie-darko-1 trying to make it my only account and it a kabam account but that's different problem I have Samsung j3 luna pro and getting extreme load times during questing and also bad lag when trying to open premium hero crystals
  • NicxNicx Posts: 2
    IGN: Nicx
    Device Model: Vernee X1
    Device OS: Android 7.1
    Wifi and cellular (4G)
    Game Version: 22.0
    Game Mode: AQ, AW, EQ
    Description of Issue: So since i updated the game the lag has been turned to a level above 10 I'm having unresponsive controls like my specials not activating when I tap it and my character doesn't dash back when i try to do so... Secondly frame rate drop has been horrible during fights when I'm fighting i get parried mid combo and when I'm baiting heavy i don't even see the charge of the heavy i just see my champ getting pummelled after, also I have noticed that steadily (every fight) at the activation of specials both mine and the enemy the game lags immensely before picking up so if I'm just close enough that the only way to avoid it is a true dex I'm definitely getting hit cos thr dex fails to register because the swipe back command doesn't work in line with thr game as a result of lag.
    This becomes a big issue in AQ and AW because now its not just hurting me its hurting people relying on my competence as well my last two wars have been terrible because of this issue. And its starting to hurt my confidence in taking fights.
  • WickpdWickpd Posts: 1
    In-Game Name: Wickpd
    Device and Model: Google Pixel
    Device Operating System: Android 9
    Cellular or WiFi: Issue happens both on WiFi and cell (Verizon)
    Game Version Installed: 22.0
    Game Mode: Daily Quests expert, Alliance War.
    Description of the Issue: Screen glitches, intermittent play screen switches between game play and black screen. It has crashed my phone having to hard restart my device.
  • Zoranabc201Zoranabc201 Posts: 26
    In-Game Name:zoranabc201
    Device and Model: Huawei honor 10
    Device Operating System: Android 9.0.0
    Cellular or WiFi:both
    Game Version Installed: 22.0
    Game Mode: Monthly Event quest(Captain marvel quest)
    Description of the Issue: The final quest of the captain marvel event is extremely laggy with lots of unresponsive controls and is also causing my phone to heat up. The captain marvel final boss in particular is almost impossible to fight due to the insane lag.
  • Zoranabc201Zoranabc201 Posts: 26
    edited March 2019
  • unknownunknown Posts: 378

    In-Game Name: droidx27.
    Device and Model: Moto g5s plus
    Device Operating System: Android Nougat 7.1.1
    Cellular or WiFi: happens on both
    Game Version Installed: 22.0.0
    Game Mode:happens in every mode.
    Description of the Issue: Game just closes out. Doesnt matter what I'm doing. Not champ specific nor mode specific. I could just be looking at it and it will close out. could be just moving from node to node..could be going to roster, ranking champs, opening crystals, browsing store, doesnt matter...just randomly closes out. Happens in middle of fights too, which is the most frustrating. The lag is incredivble also. Loading times are ridiculous, and fights sometimes seem to start before my character is even in my control.
  • KalechiKalechi Posts: 11
    In-game: kalechi
    Phone: Oneplus 6 - Snapdragon 845 + 8 GB RAM
    Android version: 9 - 9.0.4
    MCOC version: 22.0
    On WiFi and 4G

    Lots of input lag in all game modes. Most noticeable champions are Quake and X23. Quake constantly requires double tap to activate heavies and X23 randomly fails to dash back or randomly throws heavies. Overall lag often causes 5-hit + special to fail.
  • NeillyyNeillyy Posts: 1
    edited March 2019
    Phone: one plus 2 running Android version 6.0.1. MCOC VERSION: 22.0 In-Game name: Neillyy

    I'm experiencing a lot of lag and inability to use specials with corvus. Lots of unresponsiveness as well while playing in war and while questing with all champs.
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