Iron fist buff

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Does the community think this iron fist buff is a good idea

Iron fist

Signature ability focus
All of iron fist attacks have a 40% chance to power drain 1/8th of a bar of power, in addition each attack also has a 15% chance to power lock the opponet for 1.5 seconds

Passive armor rapture
Each time iron fist lands a critical hit it has a 100% chance to inflict armor break for 5 seconds, armor break caps at 5. If iron fist stacks 5 armor breaks on the opponet the armor breaks are removed and replaced with armor shatter lasting 6 seconds.
Armor up iron fist gains an armor up buff every 3 seconds deacreasing opp damage by x amount, armor ups cap at 5. Once at 5 they run on a 5 second timer before resseting

iron fist receives a regeneration buff recovering x amount of health over a course of 5 seconds, once the regeneration buff expires it has a 10 second cool off before it reactivates

Special attacks all special attacks have a 100% chance to activate true strike which is removed the next time iron fist is struck. In addition all special attacks also have a 50% chance to nullify opponets buffs.

Special 1 has a 100% chance to inflict an armor break debuff lasting 5 seconds
Special 2 100% chance to inflict a stun debuff lasting 1.5 seconds. In addition also has a 20% chance to inflict armor shatter
Special 3 100% chance to inflict stun lasting 2 seconds, in addition also has a 100% chance to inflict power leak lasting 3 seconds and 100% chance to inflict armor shatter lasting 3 seconds

Iron fist buff 15 votes

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    Sounds like you took Medusa and copied the best parts over, and I like that. The only thing that I might want to change is that maybe instead of power drain for the sig ability, he could inflict stagger/nullify.
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    Any buff is a good IF buff.
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