Summoner Gap



  • peasantpeasant Posts: 240

    Yes, it will.

    The top will get higher rewards, faster, so, they will continue to be in front.

    But, do I care??? Not really. I don't think I will join a top dog ally soon and I'm fine with my silver 1-2 buddies.

    It may suck a bit to not be able to compete with the top 1500 players rosterwise, but seeing how much time and money they spent on this game, I'm ok with being behind. I'm still able to hone my skills, have fun, and make friends :)

    Plus, who knows, maybe kabam will come up with new content that allows players to compete more on skill and decision making size rather than more about roster and roster depth (although I have a feeling those top 5000 players are pretty skilled themselves, but it would be fun to see where I lie skillwise/decisionmaking wise).
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