Daily Grandmaster Deal

SMiller80SMiller80 Posts: 230 ★★
Maybe this has been pointed out somewhere, but the chances of pulling a 5* from the featured grandmaster daily deal is officially less than a regular one, now that you've changed the chances. You might want to either change the drop rate or change the way you advertise it.


  • AceLuffySaboAceLuffySabo Posts: 251 ★★
    Well, technically it is still correct. It does have an increased chance of a cosmic 5-Star champion in comparison to other 5-Stars you could get from it. It doesnt say anywhere that the chances are higher than in a regular GMC, neither should it have to.
  • SMiller80SMiller80 Posts: 230 ★★
    No, you're wrong. They were originally designed and advertised as a crystal with double the chance of getting a 5* champion. Which they did. The daily deals have always been this way.
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