5* 5/65 Darkhawk or Sabertooth?

I cant decide who to r5 next.
Both are on D but Darkhawk would be a good biohazard champ.
But Sabertooth does better damage over time.

5* 5/65 Darkhawk or Sabertooth? 42 votes

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  • TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,718 ★★★★
    They added a new shock debuff for robots to biohazard path though
  • DemitriMDemitriM Posts: 303
    those two are hardly substitute heroes...way different utilities...
  • 1_ShuNeu_11_ShuNeu_1 Posts: 192

    They added a new shock debuff for robots to biohazard path though

  • axelelf_1axelelf_1 Posts: 775 ★★★
    Sabertooth doesn't benefit from r5 as much as others; he'll gain less furies a fight at r5 because of the speed with which he'll kill so you don't benefit a whole lot from ranking him up, just a better health pool. This is excluding Variant, Act 6, LoL, and other end game content. So..... I guess it just depends on what you're focusing. If you want him for End Game content, then, hell yeah, rank him up.
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