Plat 3, 6x5 top 100 alliance looking for 2-3 players

About us:
(NxTP1) Untainted - TP1
~21 mil rated
War: plat 3, tiers 3/4
AQ: 6x5 100%, top 100 weekly rank
North American players
No event mins

What we’re looking for:
- 2-3 skilled players. Preference to those capable of middle war paths.
- North American timezone to match our own
- prestige at or above 8500
- Map 6 ready
- Roster to handle Wars and AQ successfully

If interested, please pm me on:

CHQ: •The Ricktator•#iTve
Line: rickthemang


  • RickthemangRickthemang Posts: 136
    Bump. We can take interested players in now, between war matchmaking. Hit me up if you’d like to discuss
  • Pikerse_1Pikerse_1 Posts: 16
    I’m interested in game name Pikerse
  • Punter014Punter014 Posts: 19
    I can bring 2 or 3 good players. Game and line name, punter14. Add me on line and I will show you our profiles. We are ex plat1 players.
  • RickthemangRickthemang Posts: 136
    Bump. Still looking
  • RickthemangRickthemang Posts: 136
    Nevermind. We’re full. Thanks
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