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Spider Gwen evade

In masters lvl of new event quest boss Ronin has unblockabe specials node added. Spider Gwen new ability has 550% evades accuracy against unblockabe specials however you cannot be holding block. Used her against Ronin rank 3 sig 60 with 2 spider charges. I waited for Ronin to use special 1 to test the unblockabe evade ability.. at 550% she should evade ALL unblockabe specials except against Korg or nodes that are un evadeable. In this case I didn't hold block(thought I'd mention that) yet she failed to evade. Bug? Or did I misunderstand 550% evade ability?


  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,111 ★★★★★
    Each spidey charge gives a 7% evade chance, you had two so that 14% with the 550% evade accuracy on specials that's a 77% chance to evade.
  • MRMOJO77MRMOJO77 Posts: 215
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