Tier 5 Catalyst Bundle Issue


There was an issue with the Tier 5 Catalyst bundle offers that was released earlier today that we will be rectifying.

The Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragment Crystals included in the 2nd tier of the Bundle were meant to award 900 T5CC Fragments, but instead included 11250 Fragments per crystal.

This mistake would accelerate our plans to release T5CC Fragments much quicker than intended, and could result in long term harm to the Game’s Economy and Balance.

We have pulled down the offer, and are working to fixing it. If you have already triggered this offer, you will continue to see it as available. Any Summoner that has bought this offer will have the items removed, and will receive a unit refund for their purchases. The offer will be available again once the issue has been rectified.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding in the matter.
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