Oscillate node

Hello there!
I would like to whether if this oscillate nodes are created in a manner where during armor phase the defenders just go stay in block the whole time and comes to attack when they have the 300% attack...
Because so far that’s what been faced by everyone. So it’s like you are making defenders attack rating 300% indirectly where the defender fights only when they have the fury buff and doesn’t come to fight during armor buff or move one inch even. They just do only one thing dash backward like Mordo does during power gain phase...

This type of fight nodes are like a coward.
Specially map7 Kingpin boss waste huge amount of time by being in block during armor phase.
Please fix this if it’s not intended..
Thank you


  • Yes, that's how it works.
    During fury phase the defender is agressive, and during armor phase it is defensive
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