Looking for an alliance

I am a player that plays frequently and I am at 114k collection power.
I am looking for a an alliance that either do aw bg 2/3 and aq 3/4


  • Add me JFaeriePixie PcasA would gladly have you
  • MasterWarrior36MasterWarrior36 Posts: 10
    I have sent a request
  • Major4Major4 Posts: 82
    If you are still looking we have a spot
    Add line id
  • Mx268Mx268 Posts: 13
    Add me Mx.268
    Line ID:Mx.268
    We run 3bgs AQ map 44333-3-2 and 3bgs AW we're near silver1
    Alliance: SharpHitterZ
  • YgtYgt Posts: 21
    We are looking for active members. do 5.4.3 AQ. 2 bg every war. Use line.
    If you are interested, let me know.

    Alliance name: Doctor of taming strange Alliance tag : [SuZeJ]

    My game name : thgttg
    Line: thgttgx
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