Act 6.1 Completion event points

Both the 1-day and 3-day Completion events don’t show anything for Act 6 Chapter 1 under “How to get points”. I did receive points for a path in 6.1.1, but I’m also not entirely sure if it’s the correct amount of points intended. I believe the event thinks you’re completing Act 5 Chapter 1 as opposed to Act 6. All the way back to Act 1 Chapter 1, each chapter of the story quest jumps up in points awarded for the Completion event. It’s a 300 point jump from each chapter starting with the jump from 3.3 to 3.4. I ran a path of 6.1.1 and got 3000 points for completion, which is the same as 5.1. 5.4 awards 3900 points, so I assume 6.1 should award 4200 points. Whether that’s, for whatever reason, intended or not, the points awarded for 6.1 should still be displayed in “How to get points”.


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