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Can’t get onto the beta, it’s says status running, any ideas why?


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    What beta?
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    What beta?

    Expert War.
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    OP, it's possible you received the Invitation but they have the number of people they need. Had you already been running it?
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    edited March 19


    We're ready to spool up our next Beta Test! This time, we're going to be testing a brand new Map for our top Alliances in Alliance Wars Tiers 1-3!

    Starting March 27th (11 am PT) until April 1st (11 am PT), we will be testing this new Map."

    Its not running yet, it says it doesn't start until the 27th. The invite period ends today so as long as you accepted it then you're in unless there servers **** out again. Though it seems it's going to be a different than normal one, just wait and see what happens

    Did they change quotes?
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    Oh right, it said status running so I assumed it was up, but the rest of my ally can’t get in either, so it must start later
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    My bad. What I said is sometimes true, but it hasn't started yet. :) Good luck.
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    The beta starts March 27, so you will be able to participate then. Thanks for helping to test!
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