The truth behind Act 6

Turns out, the 4 star ban was necessary. Wait wait, before you click out, hear me out. So, i went and read the official post about Act 6 and a stunning revelation came to me. In the post, the mod specifically states that this will be the last Act to ever be pumped out. Now this could change, but it seemed pretty firm. So, with this in mind, the 4 star ban only seems needed. Because if this is the last story quest, the mods want to make it hard and stretch it out over a long time. Plus, it’ll give new players something to strive for. You have work harder, get creative and spend more time on the game to get this point. And even when you do, it’ll still be a challenge. But again, theses are just my thoughts.


  • Tahmkench911Tahmkench911 Posts: 60
    There will always be new story arcs as long as the game runs

    Tho i agree w ure point
    It’s the only way to stretch it out as long as possible
  • HerrPopopHerrPopop Posts: 183

    @Ultimatesaber32 it's the last act of this story arc. Presumably there will be a new act 1 of the next story arc. I do think the reason for it is largely to make act 6 something people have to work towards finishing though.

    can't wait for MCOC II
    there'll be no blades what a dream
  • GmonkeyGmonkey Posts: 440
    I hope the contest part two is secret wars.
  • xNigxNig Posts: 3,624 ★★★★★
    Without the 4* ban, you wouldn’t have the multiple threads in the forums and reddit on how to counter certain champ node combinations.
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