Cap. America dilemma - 5* OG Cap to r3 or 4* Cap WWII to R5?

Hi guys,

Yesterday I got lucky pulled a 5* OG Captain America from a basic 5* crystal. Pretty much at the same time I got my third Science T4CC so I am really undecided what to do. My most used champ so far has already been Cap. America WWII (duped) and my plan was to always take him first to R5. But now I don't know if I should go with the OG Cap instead because he is a 5*.

What do you guys think? Is it worth going with the 4* WWII or invest in the OG 5*?



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    Thank you for the reply Kalizo. But if possible, please elaborate on this. I already got a bunch of advises from team mates which are exactly like yours. I would like to hear a logic based answer why I should go for one instead of the other.
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    5* champs are the future, sooner or later, kabam will reintroduce some balance criteria, which makes 5* more efficient than 4*... ww2 is awesome with his bleed and perfect block ability when awakened, but og cap 5* will gave more hp and more atk, and against debuff immune champ, ww2 bleed is useless. moreover, og cap has more synergies... so even its a hard choice, i would r3 og cap5* myself...
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    Appreciated Alex! I am indeed leaning towards OG Cap, mostly because it is 5*. But also I like the higher chance of perfect block and stun (when fatigued).
  • Defnitely Og cap 5*... he has insane block proficiency. Even if you compare a 4* og cap and ww2, og cap has much better block proficiency than the ww2. And captain america is all about his block proficiency.
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    Thanks solivagant56! Indeed, I have not noticed that the OG Cap has better block proficiency.
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    Cap WW 2 is the best champ of science...its a clear choice...nd even if 5 star get more usable...4 star champs arent going anywhere....
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    Push for your first 5*. Cap can probably wreck LoL at R4 too if you dupe him, albeit the fights will take a while
    Cap will not wreck LOL at R4...he doesn't have the damage output. Even if you fought perfectly, enrage would get you several times before getting the enemy down. He's not a realistic option for LOL.

    That said, my vote is for Cap WWII. I use him in AW attack. As long as the enemy has 2 buffs, block damage is 0 every time. And the bleed from the L2 is fantastic, especially if boosted by deep wounds.

    OG Cap is fine, but he lacks the damage output to make him worth the rank up, even at 5*.
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    Cap ww2 I use him on map 6 and aw attack. Damn sick bleed
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    Do both. end of the problem! -.-
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    Found Hulk77s stats illuminating. Thanks to him! I have WW2 cap, and love him to bits. Definitely my best character.

    Two other things to consider:
    1 - Who else will you be taking up in the future (synergies are different).

    2 - Your 5 star OG cap has the SP3 minigame with a pretty decent chance to reduce incoming SP3 damage by up to 20%. Add that to his superior block and armour abilities, and (despite loving my WW2), I'd lean towards your 5 star OG cap, unless your other heroes strongly favour synergizing with WW2.

    I have the same question between my duped 4star, and unduped 5star Guillotine. She also has better armour and the SP3 minigame, so reckon that will make up for the longevity the 4star version gets from her Signature. So planning to upgrade the 5 star version.

    Hope that helps.
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    WW2, for the block proficiency and the bleed damage. He's an everyday champ you can use in any aspect of the game and calmly take down much larger opponents. And while I agree that 5* rankups are probably better long term, there are a few 4* exceptions to that rule and WW2 is one of them. One additional bit of advice: I tend to focus my 5* rankups on champs who were formidable as 4*'s. OG Cap as 4* is so-so--the fatigue alone is a deal breaker for AW. As much as I want to like him (he was my 2nd 4*), he's been on the shelf as arena fodder for me for over a year and a half.

    Good luck.

    Dr. Zola
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    Cap WW2!
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    I have cap ww2 5/50 sig 99 and og cap 4/55 sig 50. The dupe makes all the difference here. If they were both awakened I would say the five star. But assuming ww2 is awakened you should definitely do him.
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    WWII if he's duped. he can do a lot of bleed and good stuns.
    OG Cap is good, but since he isn't duped i wouldn't rank him up. he has good stuns but his block is not as good as WWII. also he doesn't bleed with SP2.
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    I love the bleed being the main reason for ww2 but has anyone actually read the stats. 3250 bleed damage at r5 add dw and the weak sp2 itself and his sp2 does the same damage as og cap but you have to wait out the bleed timer instead of instant damage. That being said og has better syn better stuns and fatigue is handy for dorm in aq and don't need any buffs for pb. But aw that fatigue is terrible in aw as even nerfed willpower that little Regen you can factor as a weakened attack. In short who to rank really depends where you wanna use him. Aw and rttl (bleed bypasses safe guard) ww2 all day. Normal quests and aq og all day.
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    Depends on whether or not you plan on taking 5 star OG cap to rank 4. Cap ww2 at rank 5 is still better than 5* OG cap at rank 3 but when you rank him up to rank 4 he becomes much better than ww2. It all depends on your 5 star roster there are many better champs to bring as 5 stars to rank 4 than cap and if you have those champions there is no reason to rank up OG cap but if you don't and OG cap is your best option he isn't the best but he is still very good to bring to rank 4.
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    Hi guys,

    Thank you very much for all the useful posts, this helped me really a lot. At the end I decided to go with WWII because:

    - duped - the OG would be really hard to awaken and my WWII was already duped with a good sig level.
    - bleed - I like the bleed a lot and also have 5/5 in deep wounds, which makes his SP2 really useful
    - didn't have the T1A cats and to be honest did not want to wait

    I still have my OG Cap at R2 and he is doing amazing, but indeed the damage is a bit on the low side so the fights take longer. My WWII is now a beast at R5 so pretty happy to with decision.

    Thanks again everyone!
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