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Alliance hacked

Our alliance leader was hacked, upon being hacked the whole alliance was kicked and deleted. Champs were sold on his account and he was moved to a bronze alliance (we were gold 1) which he didn’t realize until he woke up. All this happened as he was sleeping overnight. I have put in tickets along with our other alliance members to try and find out if anything can be done. 4 days before the end of the season and a whole season of items and work has just been ruined.

Support is saying since the alliance has disbanded there is nothing we can do. Surely there has to be something right? An investigation into proving he was hacked? Surely it was with a different device in a different location from where he normally logs in? Are there any admins that can help us find out if there is anything further we can do? Can we pm and have a talk?


  • Good luck (I think your Leader also posted earlier up here, or else was very similar case). Hopefully Kabam can utilize the same info they track for violations (device, IP address, or whatever) to see whether that was done from a different device than what your Leader otherwise always uses for himself. And at least compensate people for what place your Season points (at the time of “hacked disabandenment”) would have qualified for (albeit, with 0 pts from these final 2 wars).
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    Hey ManiacalMe, unfortunately, we don't have direct access to in-game accounts here in the Forums and are unable to help with account-specific concerns like this. Therefore, if the members of your Alliance require further assistance with this matter, I recommend asking the Leader to reach back out to our Support Team. They can do this by responding to a previous reply our Support Team or by clicking HERE.
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