TITANS OF WAR LOOKING FOR 2! (P3, min 8k Prestige)

The Titans of war [!TOW] is looking for a killer to join our ranks immediately. We're an all adult alliance that likes to kick ass and have a good time while we're doing it. We finished in Platinum 3 for AW in all Seasons. For AQ we run 66655 and finish in the top 250 with our starting prestige over 8500.

Our requirements are as follows:
- Must be active every day (but we can work around absences just need to talk to an officer)
- Adults only
- Must participate in AQ and AW - Min 15k points in Completion Events
- Act 5 Completed, One path of LoL and Variant finished preferred
- Decent defenders
- Min 8000 Prestige or higher, at least two R5 5* champ and decent roster depth
- Map 6 experience
- Line App for all communication
- US/Euro Time zones preferred
- Not suck

Weekly Donation Requirements: - 151,000 Gold, 11,000 Loyalty, 11,000 Battle Chips entered by Friday night.

We're looking for people that can be a good team player and not need to be micro managed and just go out and kill ****. Ability to clear lines without trouble. Contact: DarkGuarDN or Doomsfist79 on Line App or in-game to chat.


  • DarkGuarDNDarkGuarDN Posts: 96
    looking for another player to join our ranks, please pm me on line app.
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