13 mil AQ focused alliance looking for 1

Hello fellow players. Thanks for looking at my thread. We are looking for an experienced player with Map 5 in AQ. We have 2 bgs that are doing map 5 and we start from a prestige difficulty 5300 on day 1 to almost 9200 on day 5.

Weekly Treasury donations are required.
Have a roster for map 5 AQ and War when needed as we are a Gold 3 and would like to maintain that.
Line app is also required.
Great communication and being very active are required.
We are a laid back alliance that doesn't make you save up crystals or tell you who to upgrade or anything like that. We want you to have fun and enjoy playing the game. But we expect each alliance member to put in solid effort and communicate great with great activity.

Please reach out to me on line at zbot34
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