Friendly, 16mil alliance looking for one skilled, yet down-to-earth player to have some fun with us!

One of our long time members is leaving because it has become too demanding to run a second account. We will have a spot open as soon as SA rewards drop.

We are a group of working adults who try our darndest to earn some nice rewards, while keeping the time requirements manageable. We do not require any grinding and donations are completely optional—we are easily able to keep AQ running based off what’s currently in the treasury. We are good spirited and nice to one another. Most of us have been together for a long while and we’re always excited to welcome another member to the fun CHAØS family!

For AQ, we run a variety of maps (mainly Map 4, with a little bit of 5 and 2 sprinkled in) and we reach the 80mil milestone weekly. Our schedule is below:

For AW, we scored Gold 2 last season after a series of unfortunate very close wars. The season before that we were Gold 1. We will try our best to push for Gold 1 again when the new season starts!

To join you must have several 4/55s (most of us have at least one 5/65), you must be able to log in several times a day, and you must be able to clear your line in tier 6/7 AW and AQ. You must also have LINE app.

If interested, fine me on LINE: sillycaitlin.


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