Agent Venom Rework/Mini Buff

SiliyoSiliyo Posts: 716 ★★★
Agent Venom is a great character, but having the Symbiote and after watching some videos about him in the comics I suggest two things to add to Agent Venom:

1) The same symbiote that's on Eddie Brock (aka Venom) is on Flash Thompson (Agent Venom), so Agent Venom should be able to negate the auto-evades of all Spider-Men (and woman) characters 100% of the time, not 50%.

2) Klyntar Rage: The symbiote would get BIG MAD during his time with Flash Thompson. Although Agent Venom's signature ability allows for an increase in attack below 50% I suggest that the increase in attack should occur after every 25%.

So at 75% health, you can an additional 30% increase in attack. At 50% health, another 30% increase. Finally, at 25% health --- an additional 50% attack increase. This demonstrates a high risk, high reward kind of gameplay like we have seen through Nick Fury and Thing. I think Agent Venom needs a little more love, that's all. =)


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