Manx Vikings needs you ! Be strong, Be a Viking !

Manx Vikings [IOM V] are looking for one or two reliable alliance members (around 150.000+. We are a fun and relaxed silver 2 alliance.

We expect: daily activity, teamwork and good communication.

You can expect: a nice, fun, relaxed and close group of people, who will help you develop and keep the game enjoyable

We do 2 wars a week (3 wargroups silver 2) and 3 battlegroups in Alliance Quest (map 3,3,2 )

We are a close fun group, who do work together and communicate. We help eachother out when needed and share tips where needed.

We use LINE To communicate since we all know in-gamechat doesn't work that well.
If you're interested let me know!

Contact me on Line DragonUnleashed
Or in-game DragonUnleashed

Hope to see you soon!


  • DragonUnleashedDragonUnleashed Posts: 46

    We're an longstanding Alliance as you can all can see, we stay in silver 2 easily !
  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 408
    Hey I have no interest in joining, I am out recruiting myself, just had to say awesome title to your post :). Good luck recruiting!
  • DragonUnleashedDragonUnleashed Posts: 46
    Nope not acceptable, you commented, now you join! Haha

    Thanks buddy, good luck to you too! 🙂
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