Possible Kingpin bug?

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Occasionally, when i parry kingpin in AQ, i find that kingpin doesn't get stunned properly. I know he can convert the parry stun into rage but its not about that. Usually when kingpin gets parried, he will definitely still get stunned for at least 0.1- 0.2 seconds before he converts it into rage, and usually i try to attack him in that small window. But what happens to me is that when i parry kingpin, he immediately converts the parry into rage even before he gets the stun debuff that would have been converted into a rage, effectively behaving like stun immune even though he should still be stunned for 0.2 seconds. Does anyone have a similar story? and if this is indeed a bug, please fix kabam.


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    I would retest if i could, but i cant find a kingpin duel target
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    edited March 2019

    This is as kingpin is rushing in

    This is when I parried his dash attack. You'll see that he says parry, but no stun timer occurs and it immediately becomes rage, when in fact he should have been stunned for like 0.2 seconds before the stun converted to rage.

    Edit: I want to clarify that for most of the fight kingpin was properly being stunned when parried for 0.2 seconds before it was converted to rage if any, this specific instance was one of those times that the game was inconsistent.
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