Gold 3 Alliance looking for a couple members to round out our alliance 250k+ preferred

AVR-1 is looking for a few brave souls to join us on our quest to grow as individuals and as an alliance without making the game a job.

Us: laid back but driven alliance looking to keep growing together.
AQ-4/4/3 some days, 4/3/3 others with a map5 thrown in here and there. Looking to grow to 5/4/4.
AW- We run 2 battlegroups to allow for real life/questing/etc. Gold 3 last season looking to keep improving and climbing the ladder.
Donations are voluntary, line is mandatory.
You: Active, willing to join AQ most everyday, if not everyday, and willing to be a regular participant in AW. Willing to be active and communicate on line. Also are wiling to communicate with leadership when you will be less active.

If you're interested in joining our merry band of misfits, you can message me either in game or on line.

Midevyl in game
Midevyl1 on line


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