80 mill AQ ally looking for 3

Our ally pretty much focuses on AQ, run war when AQ isn’t up and not mandatory.
We’re scoring 80 million at the moment just running two Map 5 BGs. While our third is running map 3, due to heavy schedules or life, we need 3 guys to come in and help us run map 4 in the third group or run map 5 in one of the first 2.
We’re a real chill bunch of vets, got kids and married so we know life happens.
If it sounds like this would be a good home for you, then I’d love to chat. Line ID is Jestr54


  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 345
    Still searching.
    Looking for people just wanting a good place to call home, most of us have been together for years.
    Easy 80 plus million in AQ.
    10 mill ally, bout to get addition to make it 11.
  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 345

  • Jestr54Jestr54 Posts: 345
    This round of AQ results. 86 mill and could be a lot higher
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