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Emma Frost prestige change? [Merged Threads]

Morpheus711Morpheus711 Posts: 3
edited April 2019 in Bugs and Known Issues
There was a big jump on Emma Frost’s prestige after the update. Is it a bug or a permanent change?
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  • BlackSaChiBlackSaChi Posts: 298
    Exact same for me...9359 r1 6* undupped no change here
  • danielmathdanielmath Posts: 3,976 ★★★★★
    it's a bug
  • Hey there,

    This is a bug that we are aware of. We're working on a fix for this.
  • BlezzzzzzzzzBlezzzzzzzzz Posts: 45
    Looking forward to updated clarification regarding Emma Frost
  • Maximus_SpankersonMaximus_Spankerson Posts: 445 ★★
    Hope this doesn’t effect AQ placement.....
  • Maximus_SpankersonMaximus_Spankerson Posts: 445 ★★
    @Kabam Miike, as a part of Emma Frost inflated PI fix, will AQ results be reviewed / revised ?

  • Minkl3Minkl3 Posts: 129
    @Kabam Miike Please don't change her PI, she deserves it!
  • BlezzzzzzzzzBlezzzzzzzzz Posts: 45

    Hey there,

    This is a bug that we are aware of. We're working on a fix for this.

    Can we expect a resolution to Emma Frost prestige before the next AQ? Can the game team at least confirm her new prestige prior to the next AQ even if the hot-fix isn’t ready yet. The lingering ambiguity about Emma Frost PI and prestige shouldn’t be exasperated by obfuscation, please kindly give us some direction. Without it, expect a “RANK DOWN TICKETS for Emma Frost” grassroots social media campaign

  • JC_JC_ Posts: 517 ★★★
    Will this get fixed before alliance quest starts? This effects every alliance and their rank and rank up decisions. @Kabam Miike
  • BlezzzzzzzzzBlezzzzzzzzz Posts: 45
    Alliance quest is starting today, and it would be helpful if the game team could offer some guidance regarding Emma Frost. Alliances will take advantage of this “glitch” just for the temporary prestige gains that have already been acknowledged as a bug. The player community has brought this issue to your attention because we all want the “spirit of fair play” to reign supreme, but the obligation rests with the game team to resolve this issue ASAP.
  • SummonerNRSummonerNR Posts: 9,197 Guardian
    edited April 2019
    Kabam said they will be pushing out an update later today with many fixes in it (I would assume Frost Prestige would be part of that, sounds like a simple bug).
    Not sure if that will be out before AQ starts or not (should only affect day-1 node difficulty and scoring even if it's not out until afterwards because I believe alliance changes are calculated into each day's AQ prestige in addition to the daily +/- Win/loss adjustment).
  • LeNoirFaineantLeNoirFaineant Posts: 8,567 ★★★★★
    Why don't we just say that Emma's prestige is working as intended? We fixed Domino awhile back when it turned out she was bugged by rewriting her description to make the bug working as intended...
  • Maximus_SpankersonMaximus_Spankerson Posts: 445 ★★
    Her prestige is not fixed... This is impacting ongoing AQ
  • Maximus_SpankersonMaximus_Spankerson Posts: 445 ★★
    I understand that Emma Frost's prestige inflation is a known issue and is being worked on. I would like to ask for an official response regarding its effect on AQ placement and action plan to resolve.

  • ChrislorChrislor Posts: 7
    @Kabam Miike what about BlackWidow 5* Prestige, Is there's a place where I can see her PI, just for know if I can level up she to R5 or not
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