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Help me

Hi my fellow MCOC players! I just defeated Maestro this week, and now can someone help me for act 5? Help me by what champs to bring. Thanks in advance if you will help me. My champs are these, ill only tell the good ones.
4 stars
Corvus Glaive, Void Duped, Scarlett Witch Duped, Ghost Duped, Blade, Quake, Massacre, Sabertooth, Vision, Magik, Ghost Rider, Mephisto, Symbiote Supreme. Who can I bring for act 5 if ylu have more chamls to tell pls tell me and help me thanks.


  • PWETMALU159PWETMALU159 Posts: 21
    @UmbertoDelRio Sorry if I did not tell you the rank of my champs
    Corvus Glaive Void duped Scarlett Witch duped Blade Ghost duped rank 4/40
    Quake Massacre Sabertooth rank 3/30
    Symbiote Supreme duped 2/20
    Vision Age of Ultron Magik Ghost Rider Mephisto 1/10
    Ill include 4/40 Nebula and 3/30 DD classic
    I dont have enough iso to upgrade my 1/10 champs. Thanks
  • PWETMALU159PWETMALU159 Posts: 21
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