Initiator rewards

I started a bounty mission, 9 had joined already 6 hrs were left and i went to sleep. Next morning i check my inbox, i get a message saying bounty completed but i get no rewards.

The description states initiator will get bonus rewards based on number of members that took part. Why didnt i get the rewards? Is it because i didnt reach 10 members?


  • ThatGuy214ThatGuy214 Posts: 193
  • AdiMukh555AdiMukh555 Posts: 756 ★★★
    Apparently no one in my alliance either got the initiator rewards even though our entire alliance completed every bounty quests
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 1,939 ★★★
    There are no rewards for initiating bounty missions. For everyone to get the 50 5* shards, 10+ people must play within the 8 hours that the bounty is active.
  • Datman257Datman257 Posts: 92
    So its just a misleading description?
  • ChampioncriticChampioncritic Posts: 1,939 ★★★
    Yes, the description is misleading unfortunately
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